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Cat III Landing

Photo - Cat III Landing Information

Description: This is a Category 3 ILS (Instrument Landing System) landing. We
refer to them as Cat 3, Land 3 Approaches. The horizontal visibility
is 200 metres (600feet).

The aircraft is flown by three (3) autopilots on to the runway. The
autopilots continues to keep the aircraft on the centre-line of the
runway. The auto brake system stops the aircraft. The pilots monitor
the performance of the autopilots and must be prepared to execute a
missed approach if any of the required systems fail. The Missed
Approach is accomplished by pressing a switch on the throttles.
Again, the autopilot will fly the missed approach. The pilots must be
ready to takeover and manually flying the missed approach if the
autopilots fail.

You can hear the pilots making altitude call-outs and the response is
"Land 3". This is confirmation (displayed on both pilots CRT's) that
all the automatic systems are in agreement and that it is safe to
continue the approach. You can also hear the auto call-outs made by
the aircraft at 100 feet, 50 feet and 30 feet. The last call-out you
hear is the First Officer advising that the speed-brakes have
extended. Speed-brakes are the panel on the upper surface of the wings
which extend vertically. Their purpose is to destroy the lift created
by the wings and put the aircraft weight on the tires to improve

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the only airports in Canada that
have this type of approach
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Date: 29.11.2009 14:00
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